Steps to Create Optimal Workflow in Your Laboratory

Steps to Create Optimal Workflow in Your Laboratory

Steps to Create Optimal Workflow in Your Laboratory

When you sit down to perform a laboratory buildout, you want to be sure to consider many different things.  One of the most important things to consider is creating optimal workflow.  When you create an optimal workflow in your laboratory, you'll provide your employees with the space to properly and efficiently perform their daily tasks and experiments.  Without a logical workflow, your laboratory staff will have difficulty performing their daily tasks without distractions or interruptions.  There are a few steps to follow in order to create the optimal workflow in your laboratory buildout.

Map Out Common Processes

First, you want to create a map of your laboratory.  This should contain the entire contents of your lab.  Once you have a diagram of your lab, you will want to create multiple workflow charts that map out common lab processes.  Use arrows indicating the different steps involved in each process.  This will help you to visualize the areas that your staff needs to be in order to successfully complete these jobs.  It will also make you consider the spacing and logistics between each step, which will help inform you on any changes that need to be made in order to create a more efficient work space.

Remove Obstacles

Once you map out common processes, you can easily notice any obstacles that may be hindering efficiency.  After identifying these obstacles, you can then focus on removing them.  This may requires you to remodel or move around lab equipment in order to maximize your workflow. Consulting with a laboratory buildout company on how to best rearrange your lab can help you to maximize your space and reduce the headache it can cause you to consider the many possibilities on your own.

Standardize Processes

Most laboratories require standard processes and procedures.  Once standardization is achieved, employees can then become trained and educated on how these processes work within your laboratory.  They can then learn and conform to those practices, which make your laboratory work reliable and trustworthy.  By creating work instructions for common practices, your lab will also increase its efficiency and reduce errors.

Automate Processes

In order to curb costs and cut testing time, many laboratories automate their processes.  This helps to increase revenue by streamlining common diagnostic testing.  It also helps to create more accurate and precise details in the process, which in turn provides physicians and clients with the best results possible.  Automation introduces proper methods and technology while also working to increase human capital.

By using these four strategies, you will be able to optimize the workflow in your laboratory, which will help you increase profits and keep your clients happy.  As experts in laboratory buildout, we aim to help laboratories increase their efficiency to ensure success, reliability, and profitability.  Contact us today if you are looking for a successful laboratory buildout partner.


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