The Importance of Laboratory Signage

The Importance of Laboratory Signage

The Importance of Laboratory Signage

Most workplaces have rules and regulations they need to meet.  In many instances, there are committees or administrations that are required to inspect and enforce these regulations within the workplace settings.  This is especially true for medical testing facilities like pathology laboratories and diagnostic laboratories.  The work hazards present in this environment make it essential to comply with certain rules to ensure proper and safe practices within the lab itself.  As a laboratory solutions company, we advise you on the importance of laboratory signage to keep your staff safe from common hazards.

Alerts You to Dangerous Chemicals

Many of the signs required in a laboratory setting involve alerting employees to the dangerous chemicals or processes that are frequently encountered.  Although your staff is likely aware of and highly trained on the proper practices that are associated with commonly used chemicals or equipment in the lab, those who are newer to your lab may require the notice.  It helps protect anyone and everyone that comes into your lab.  Signs may show that a material is easily flammable, dangerous to touch the skin, causes irritation, is dangerous to breathe, and many more hazards.  Using signs alerts people to these hazards.

Informs You of Proper Practices

When you are dealing with hazardous chemicals or equipment, it is important that you are aware of how to properly take care of yourself and your treatment of those hazardous components.  Proper signage helps you to do that.  It is critical to be aware of the safety procedures that are commonly practiced in the lab.  Those who work in the lab every single day will grow used to these signs and their meanings, but for newcomers, they will have to learn the symbols and meanings behind the signs in order to practice proper safety practices.  Often times, these signs will clearly state how to deal with lab hazards by using easy to recognize images or symbols.

Complies with Rules and Regulations

As a laboratory owner or managers, keeping up with updated rules and regulations is critical to keeping your lab doors open.  When you are reviewed or inspected by state or federal committees, you are required to pass safety inspection protocols.  This requires keeping your signage up-to-date and also in the correct places throughout your laboratory.  Failure to do so will get you a citation or a worse penalty.   Proper lab signage and placement is required by law to keep you and your employees safe from harm's way.

Laboratory signage is critical for keeping your lab staff safe from harm's way.  It also keeps your lab safe from any potential legal action that could be taken if an incident did occur in your facility.  At Hankins Consulting, we offer laboratory solutions for our clients in order to help them achieve optimum efficiency and safety. Contact us today if you are looking for quality laboratory solutions.


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