Tips for Effective Laboratory Management

Tips for Effective Laboratory Management

Tips for Effective Laboratory Management

In order to keep your laboratory doors open and its operations functioning efficiently, proper management is critical.  Management of a laboratory setting includes many different approaches and considerations, because a lab is a large setting with many objectives.  At Hankins Consulting, we offer many laboratory solutions to finding success by giving them advice on anything ranging from equipment preferences, to staffing, to management practices.  There are a few tips to follow to provide effective laboratory management.

Set Clear Rules and Regulations

As the lead of operations of your laboratory, it is critical to make sure all experimentation and testing is done according to rules and regulations.  This includes constant record-keeping and data-tracking to ensure the process is being thoroughly completely.  As a manager, you will need to continually educate yourself and your staff on these rules and regulations, while also making sure to keep awareness to ethical and safety protocols as well.  This will keep your laboratory safe from a harmful reputation.

Check on Your Staff Regularly

As a manager, you may already be burdened by a mountain of tasks in the forefront of operations.  However, these tasks are no more important than the tasks of your staff.  Be sure to check on all members of your staff, listening to their daily routines, and communicating with them about their feelings in the workplace.  By understanding your staff, you can connect.  This will increase their desire to come to work and their dedication to performing their duties successfully.  Also, by understanding your staff, you'll be able to allocate members to their most suitable roles in the company.

Stay Organized

Staying organized is perhaps the most important task of a laboratory manager.  This includes dividing up work tasks, knowing your assets and employees' skillsets, and keeping track of those tasks.  Organization of staff functions will ultimately help your laboratory stay on track and accountable.  Keeping an inventory report of all laboratory supplies and staying consistent with equipment upkeep will also help your laboratory function efficiently.

Confidently Lead Decisions

It is important to remember that your choices affect the entire laboratory.  When making decisions, be sure to consider all members of your staff, from your assistant to the student lab volunteers.  When everyone is working in harmony and agreeing with the overall decisions made for the lab, the workplace environment will be more conducive to productivity.  Lead your staff by making firm decisions that are data-driven and well-informed.

Stay on Track of Your Budget

Keeping accurate financial records is the key to success in any business, and laboratories are no exception.  By staying aware of your lab's finances, you will be able to make educated decisions on marketing, staffing, equipment purchases, and more.  This will help increase overall laboratory revenue in the long run.

As a laboratory manager, you have many duties and your job truly never ends.  By using these strategies, you will be able to lead your laboratory to a profitable, successful business.  Contact us at Hankins Consulting today in order to get more advice and laboratory solutions from our experienced team.


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