How to Establish Efficient Workflow in Your Pathology Lab

How to Establish Efficient Workflow in Your Pathology Lab

How to Establish Efficient Workflow in Your Pathology Lab

Do you operate a pathology lab?  Are you looking for ways to maximize employee productivity and create an effective workflow?  When you work with our expert consultants, you will benefit from many different pathology laboratory solutions to help improve your medical services and overall business.  By improving your practices from inside the lab, you can increase your productivity, which will eventually lead to an increase of profitability.  This will encourage your lab to grow and succeed.  There are a few different ways you can establish efficient workflow for your employees working in your pathology lab.

Identify Spaces

When you visually organize and identify different work spaces in the lab, everyone will be aware of the roles of each of the areas.  Consider hanging signs from the ceilings or on the walls to identify the purpose of certain sections of the office.  This is one simple way to establish workflow and prevent technicians from always bumping into one another to complete their testing.

Organize Equipment

Whenever you have a large pathology lab with many different areas, you will want to organize your equipment and keep it properly labelled.  This will alert your employees to the proper place to locate, return, and store this equipment for when they need it.  This is especially important in work spaces that share technology and equipment on a daily basis, which is extremely common in diagnostic and pathology lab spaces.

Encourage Collaboration

By using signs to encourage teamwork and collaboration, you will likely notice higher employee productivity.  This can also breed innovation in your lab, which can lead to groundbreaking discoveries or just overall productivity in the lab.  Using signs to indicate ways to collaborate, identify spaces for meetings, conference room tips or advice, or even break area suggestions can improve any workflow.

Use Direct Wording

To establish a better workflow, you want to be direct with your wording on your signs.  This will help each employee find what they are looking for or easily understand the rules outlined by the signs.  Direct wording will prevent any confusion from either employees, technicians, or clients that need to visit the lab for some reason.

Guide Technicians through Practices

It is easy for a lab setting to become cluttered or confusing to navigate.  With all the complicated equipment, it can be a challenge to perform the tests you need.  Avoid this by having clear signs that help guide people to where they need to go.  Have clear labels on commonly used testing equipment and guide your technicians through the motions to complete the tests.  Many pathology labs also use overhead signs hanging from the ceiling to help indicate directions to different destinations.  This will create a much more productive workflow during everyday practices, which will enable your technicians to complete many more tests in their work week.

These are just a few simple ways to increase your overall workflow and help employees better achieve their daily goals.  By giving them the right tools to meet their job duties and responsibilities, you help your company grow.  Implementing the right pathology laboratory solutions is the first step to achieving overall success.  Contact us to hear more lab solutions to achieve success in your lab today.

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