Strategies to Improve your Lab Practices

Strategies to Improve your Lab Practices

Strategies to Improve your Lab Practices

In a laboratory setting, there is a lot of emphasis on productivity and reliability of testing services.  Many people rely on both the timeliness and quality of these results, and they are sitting restlessly waiting for the tests to be performed.  A laboratory must be sure to properly perform tasks but also work efficiently to provide their service.  When they work with a pathology lab to make diagnoses for patients, medical facilities expect streamlined practices and effective, quality answers.  As experts in recommending pathology lab solutions, we offer a few strategies to help improve your lab practices without compromising quality of your test results.

Standardize Common Procedures

Many of the tests that are sent to pathology labs are similar and require many of the same steps.  This means that the process can be standardize to help technicians run more tests and get the most accurate results.  This allows employees to become trained on these practices, which helps them to know exactly what is expected.  When they are aware of how to perform these tasks, they can do so much more efficiently.  This helps to increase lab productivity and help ensure the most accurate results.

Work Simultaneously

When multiple lab technicians can be working on lab processes simultaneously, the lab will become more productive overall.  Setting up your lab in a way that encourages multiple people to perform similar jobs at the same time will help pump more tests out your doors.  This will also cut down on time.  

Clean Workstations

A laboratory consists of many different workstations, and these workstations must produce many different results.  It is important for each workstation to be clear of any clutter, clean, and organized throughout the day.  This may require a specific technician designated to keep the workstations fully stocked, organized, and clean periodically within a specific time frame.  By having a neat and organized workstation, technicians will be able to focus solely on the task at hand.  This will increase productivity and speed up their ability to perform tests.

Clear Chain of Communication

In a lab setting, there is likely a hierarchy.  Lab technicians work on specific tasks, while managers help to oversee particular parts of the lab, and then there are more managers that help oversee those departmental managers.  Everyone needs to be aware of exactly who they need to relay information or concerns to.  When the chain of communication is clear, employees will be able to work more smoothly.  This also helps prevent miscommunication errors, which can produce setbacks or inaccurate results.

These are just a few of the strategies that will help your lab streamline their lab practices and procedures without a loss of integrity and quality.  Many medical facilities respect the timely work that is performed in the lab, and they recognize the difficult nature of this particular type of work.  However, they still expect that the work is done efficiently and accurately, as the information revealed from the tests weighs heavily on a diagnosis and course of treatment for patients.  If you are looking for ways to streamline your lab practices or improve the work environment of your lab, contact us today to hear how we can help.


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