Four Tips to Increase Efficiency in Your Pathology Lab

Four Tips to Increase Efficiency in Your Pathology Lab

Four Tips to Increase Efficiency in Your Pathology Lab

Operating a pathology lab relies on many different layers working together to create a productive and efficient work environment.  As a company that offers customized laboratory solutions that lead lab businesses towards growth and success, we understand how to create a productive workflow, market your capabilities, and hire the right people for the job.  By ensuring that you have a productive lab facility and environment, you take the first step to becoming a successful lab.  These are a few other tips that will help you increase efficiency in your pathology lab.

Choose the Provided Testing Capabilities

One of the first steps in the process to being an efficient lab facility is to choose the testing capabilities you will offer in your facility.  Once you have chosen these capabilities, you will be able to set up the lab space with a focus on getting those specific tasks done.  Your lab should aim to become a one-stop-shop for your clients so that they can get everything they need from you without needing to hire other lab services.

Focus on Your Operations and Workflow

Take the time to work on the operations end of your lab before you officially launch the services and start taking on clients.  Work through any potential issues, setbacks, or delays that you may have so that you can work out the kinks before you get started.  When you have a more productive workflow, you will increase the ability to get more done each day.  Workflow is critical in avoiding making mistakes in the lab as well.

Follow Safety Guidelines

Safety is a priority when you are working in a lab.  You will be handling bodily samples, fluids, and tissues that are sensitive to contamination.  Tampering or mishandling these samples can produce errors in diagnostics, which can be extremely negative for your clients and their patients.  Also, you want to stay safe when you are working with hazardous chemicals or dangerous elements in the lab.  Be sure to wear the right protective apparel and equipment, and always follow the safety regulations, read the instructions, and follow the training you receive.

Establish Management Policies

Every lab facility needs to have a chain of command in order to be successful every day.  This chain of command should be communicated so that everyone understands who they are supposed to report to when they have concerns, issues, questions, or information.  Take the time to establish a hierarchy that increases employee productivity and enhances the workflow for everyone.

These are a few tips you will want to follow in order to increase the efficiency of your pathology lab.  When you are working with clients to provide a necessary and important service, you want to be efficient, reliable, and timely in your job responsibilities.  To learn more about how to increase efficiency and improve operations in your pathology lab, contact Hankins Consulting today.

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