Why You Should Hire a Lab Consulting Firm for Your Lab Buildout

Why You Should Hire a Lab Consulting Firm for Your Lab Buildout

Why You Should Hire a Lab Consulting Firm for Your Lab Buildout

Have you recently decided to embark on a lab buildout process?  Do you want to re-design your pathology lab to make the space more functional for your diagnostic services?  Starting the lab design and buildout process can be overwhelming, as there are many considerations, budget constraints, equipment clearances, and safety concerns to take into account.  By using a consulting firm to provide you with laboratory buildout advice and services, you will be able to optimize the new lab construction project.  There are a few great reasons why you should hire Hankins Consulting to consult on your custom pathlab buildout.

We Provide Expert Design Advice

At Hankins Consulting, we have worked on countless lab designs and buildouts throughout our experience.  We can help with lab facilities that are only 9,000 square feet, and we also have the capability and resources to help with much larger facilities that have over 90,000 square feet of workspace.  Our design experts take into consideration everything from equipment protocols, clearances, workspace efficiency, and functionality.  We leave no stone unturned when it comes to maximizing your lab buildout project.

We Set-Up and Staff Your Lab

Do you want your lab to be ready to go right after the buildout is complete?  When you partner with Hankins Consulting, you have the ability to select the full package of services that also trusts our experts to set-up and staff your pathology lab.  We will order equipment and stock supplies so that your lab is ready to go on the first day it is open.  Also, our recruitment team is trained to bring in top talent so that your lab is staffed with educated and experienced employees.

We Will Even Market Your Lab

Hankins Consulting is truly the one-stop-shop for all your lab buildout needs and laboratory solutions.  Once your lab is getting close to its official opening, we will work to market your lab.  With a range of connections in the medical industry, we have the resources and network to market your lab to a wide range of potential clients and customers.

We Oversee the Construction Process

When you work as the project manager of your own lab buildout process, you will either need to take one many responsibilities to oversee the project yourself, or you will need to hire multiple contractors.  When you partner with our consulting firm, you trust all of these responsibilities to one company.  We oversee the entire construction process and ensure that everything is being done timely and smoothly.  This saves you time and coordination throughout the entire process.

These are only some of the main reasons why you want to hire a consulting firm to take care of your pathlab buildout and providing you with custom lab solutions for your project.  Starting this project with the support and advice of the experts will have a positive impact on your business, its functionality, and its overall success.  Contact us to start your designing your custom pathlab buildout today.


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