5 Ways to Optimize Space When Designing Your Lab

5 Ways to Optimize Space When Designing Your Lab

5 Ways to Optimize Space When Designing Your Lab

Lab businesses need to meet many regulations when it comes to the types of tests they perform and the safety standards they need to follow. As you manage all of these aspects, you also want to create an efficient and productive space that is conducive to quality testing and optimal practices. When you are planning your laboratory buildout to give yourself more space to grow, you want to find ways to optimize your space. These are just a few ways that our consultants can help you optimize space when you are designing your new lab space.

Create Shared Workspaces

Science is a collaborative process that requires your technicians to work together, share results, and bounce ideas off of one another. By creating shared workspaces, you can promote this type of collaboration. Shared workspaces can also help to maximize the use of lab equipment. Many people do not need to have their own equipment, so this can create both an efficient and collaborative work environment.

Create Defined Work Areas

To maximize efficiency in your lab, you should designate particular areas for specific tasks. When these tasks are being performed, your lab technicians will understand exactly where to go to get it done. Not only will this create an organizational structure, but it will promote a workflow that everyone can get behind.

Organize Work Benches

There are many moving parts to a lab business. It is critical that you remove any clutter and promote an organization system that works to keep desks, surfaces, and tables clear of any clutter. This can lead to mistakes which can be difficult to even diagnose if you do not have a clear space. Ensure proper organization of all your lab materials, supplies, and chemicals to also make them easily accessible when they are needed.

Label Everything

When you work in a lab, you will need to handle dangerous chemicals or equipment. This means that you also need to understand proper handling of these items. Keeping track of the right handling methods can be difficult unless you make sure these instructions are readily available. Labeling can promote lab safety and also lab efficiency. Be sure that you mark the labels with the proper handling instructions so that you can keep moving forward without any mishandling accidents.

Rely on Technology

Labs with smart technology have an edge over those that use outdated practices. Technology can make it much easier to crunch the numbers and make sense of all the data. By investing in good technology, you can create an efficient lab space that focuses on output without compromising the quality of the results. It also makes it much easier to record and communicate data with your medical partners so they can quickly receive test results and make necessary diagnoses for their patients.

By dedicating time to finding solutions to optimize space in your lab, you can encourage employee productivity with the right workflow. If you are looking for more help with planning your laboratory buildout and creating optimal and efficient spaces in your lab, contact our lab consulting experts today.

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