7 Steps to Enhance Lab Productivity

7 Steps to Enhance Lab Productivity

7 Steps to Enhance Lab Productivity

Anyone who works in a lab longs for increased laboratory productivity. Unfortunately, life gets busy, and doctors often have patent applications to submit, publications to write, and deadlines to meet. Since demand increases consistently and resources are limited, lab managers and directors are constantly pressured to enhance productivity. Our customized pathology lab experts offer the following steps to increasing laboratory efficiency.

Automate lab processes

Due to the ever-rising demand for larger data sets, increasing the reproducibility and repeatability of lab processes is necessary. In other words, your reproducibility is significantly limited without streamlining your research practices and resources. Automation has many benefits, including reducing failure and increasing reproducibility. People mistakenly believe that physical automation is the only automation possible. It is conceivable to have automated lab processes without instrument automation.

Instrument calibration

The reproducibility of the results your lab produces relies on adequately calibrated instruments.

Sample labeling

Mislabeling samples will lead to decreased reproducibility, lower levels of productivity, and confusion. Data and costly reagents are often lost when lab users have inconsistent labeling practices. A Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) can automate the labeling process and reduce wasted effort, money, and time.

Information management

Adopt a LIMS to track samples and standardize protocols. For example, you can find Electronic Laboratory Notebooks standard with some LIMS.

Track problems

Create a problem tracker solution to find and repair lab problems. You can do this easily by creating a standard spreadsheet. Simply add the problem description and date to the document when a problem arises. This will also allow you to track your solution attempts over time. Problem tracker solutions are lovely tools for tracking errors and defects over extended periods. Eventually, after consistent problem logging, you will find your most elusive and frequent challenges are more evident. You should constantly challenge and empower your team to develop new solutions for lab productivity.

Team empowerment

Experts recommend training your team in waste elimination to increase productivity. Instead of labeling waste as a failure, view it as an opportunity to improve the productivity and safety of your lab space. You can even make it into a contest to boost participation and team morale.

Waste elimination

Many labs struggle with waste. Waste should be defined as anything that does not add value to your lab, including extra processing efforts, transportation problems, training failures, non-approached specialists, under-utilized talent, lack of inventory, overproduction, product defects, and more. Work closely with your team to determine the most significant sources of waste in the lab and develop ways to be more efficient and productive together.

These are just a handful of ways to increase your pathology lab productivity. Contact us today for more information on customized pathology lab solutions. We are here to help you design new labs or lab buildouts that make your laboratory more efficient, safe, and productive. We have the experience and expertise to help you create the best lab environment possible for today and the future. In addition, our focus on customer service and satisfaction allows us to exceed client expectations every day!

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