Five Qualities to Look for in Lab Staff Members

Five Qualities to Look for in Lab Staff Members

Five Qualities to Look for in Lab Staff Members

As you prepare to open your pathology lab business, you want to recruit the right people to work inside the lab. Choosing employees can be a challenging task, as you want them to be motivated, passionate, and educated. As experts that help with laboratory staffing, we are here to help you choose the right people for your business. These are a few of the qualities and skills that make great lab technicians and employees.

Great Listening Skills

Some of the best employees have the ability to listen to the critique and feedback of those around them, whether it is positive or negative. Many people may not want to hear the negative criticisms from others, but the best employees will use that negative critique to fuel their fire to reach even higher levels of success. By listening to those around you, you’ll understand the needs of your customers, employ satisfied and hard-working coworkers, and invest your time in the people that invest in you.

Experience Working in Labs

The more you know about your industry, the better you will be as a lab employee. It is important to stay updated on current trends, changes, opportunities, and news in your sector - or even one step ahead of these changes. Most lab staff members that want to achieve more will spend their free time researching the industry trends and insights or learning the newest practices in their field of science.

Supportive and Collaborative

Lab employees may work alone, or they may work as a team. When your employees have strong collaborative skills, they will shine and bring their knowledge to the group. This ‘put our heads together’ approach can elevate the entire staff. The most successful lab employees truly enjoy what they do, and they will spend endless hours learning or talking with others about their work.


When you choose employees with a positive attitude, you create an uplifting environment in the lab. To lead your entire team, you need to be able to create a positive culture with interactions that ignite passion and drive in your team. By surrounding yourself with optimistic employees, you make it eeasy to create that atmosphere. Motivating business owners create a positive work culture that also reaches higher employee satisfaction and productivity, while reducing turnover rates.

Passion for Science

When you hire an employee to work in your lab, you want them to possess strong awareness of science. Those who have a passion for the material and a true understanding of the scientific method will be able to exceed in the lab environment. Find people that truly want to be there because they have the knowledge and experience to go with their passion.

These are a fewe qualities that will make the best lab employees. When you are looking for assistance with your laboratory staffing and recruiting, you will want to work with our consulting firm. Contact Hankins Lab Consulting to hear about how our experienced team of lab consultants can help you grow your business today!

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