Four Steps to Take Before Opening the Doors to Your Pathology Lab Business

Four Steps to Take Before Opening the Doors to Your Pathology Lab Business

Four Steps to Take Before Opening the Doors to Your Pathology Lab Business

Do you think you are ready to launch your brand new pathology lab business? You have likely worked tirelessly to design, construct, recruit, and prepare your lab for its grand opening. Before opening day arrives, you want to be sure that you have done each and every task that will make your business become a success. By being prepared before you open, you prevent any accidents or errors from happening in the lab facility once you start performing tests. Here are the necessary steps to take before opening your pathology lab for business.

Equipment Acquisition

Before you open your lab, you need to secure furniture, equipment, and supplies that will power your lab through its daily operations. Consider the types of tests that you will be running and the services that you will provide. Once you make this list, you can acquire all the equipment you need to run these tests successfully. You may need equipment such as centrifuges, freezers, furnaces, and more.

Staff Recruitment and Training

Your employees will be the heart of your business. Without their training and education, they will not be able to complete their daily jobs without error or dangers. It is essential to recruit the right employees for your business, and you should take the hiring process seriously by only considering qualified applicants. Once you hire employees, take your time to train them with a tried-and-true training program that helps orient them in the daily operations and tasks in your lab.

Get Licenses and Accreditations

You cannot open your lab if you do not have the proper licenses and accreditations, as this can result in an immediate shutdown and breach of ethics. We will help you secure your CLIA licensure and CAP Accreditation to secure your lab future. These will allow you to test live human samples using specified methodologies and clinical applications in your lab facility. It also grants you the permission to work in the medical community, which is imperative in bringing in business.

Develop Your Policies and Procedures

Every lab facility should have clearly stated policies and procedures that outline their daily operations. When you sit down to write these policies, you need to consider everything from proper handling to ethical responsibilities, to workplace safety. Our team will work with you to draft these policies and create clear workplace expectations for both employees and management to follow each day.

By taking these steps, you can ensure that everything is done to make your grand opening a success. If you are looking for more assistance to grow your lab business, trust our experts in lab consulting. Contact Hankins Consulting to hear about our lab optimization and management services today!

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