Tips for Creating a Safe Laboratory Environment

Tips for Creating a Safe Laboratory Environment

As you prepare to open your doors to your new lab facility, you need to prioritize the safety of your staff and facility. Without the proper procedures and safety measures, you put both your lab technicians and your clients’ test results at risk. If you do not consider safety when you are working on your laboratory design, you may fail to comply with industry standards, and that can put your entire business at risk. With the right policies in place, you can make sure this is never an issue for your medical laboratory. These are a few tips from our pros to help you create a safe environment for your lab employees and clients.

Provide Plenty of PPE

The use of personal protective equipment is essential when working in laboratory settings. If you want to keep your staff safe while at work, you should provide them with a supply of PPE, such as face masks, gloves, surgical gowns, and other types of masks. By readily supplying them with this equipment, you prevent the spread of airborne illnesses in your workplace.

Dispose of Hazardous Waste Properly

When working in a lab setting, you also need to pay close attention to the proper waste disposal methods. You will be handling biohazard waste, live tissue samples, and bodily fluids, which need to be properly disposed of throughout the day. Be sure to keep your employees properly trained in these standard procedures and keep them updated as any policies change.

Prevent Contamination

Cross contamination can also put your staff members at risk when they are working with lab samples. Create ways to prevent contamination from occurring. A few simple tips to follow include decluttering each workspace, wearing protective equipment, and following safe handling methods. If someone is exposed to dangerous chemicals or bodily fluids, you need to immediately follow protocols to report the issue and prevent any spread.

Disinfect and Sterilize Surfaces and Equipment

When you manage a medical lab facility, you need to upgrade your cleaning practices. Each space needs to be properly sterilized between use, and this requires attention all throughout the day. If you do not have the capacity to keep your surfaces, light switches, handrails, bathrooms, and tables properly sanitized, you should consider hiring staff specifically for these roles.

Spend Extra Time Cleaning High-Touch Surfaces

High-touch surfaces are often the biggest cause of illness, and this can be drastically reduced if you implement proper disinfecting procedures. By cleaning these throughout the day, you remove any germs, viruses, bacteria, and contaminants that can easily spread throughout your lab facility.

When you take the steps to properly manage the safety in your lab facility, you can ensure that no samples are contaminated, no staff members are at risk, and lab results are accurate and reliable. If you are looking for more tips for laboratory design, contact our professional lab consulting firm to get started today.

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