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Cost savings

Streamline process, make quality improvements, and identify hidden expenses to help your lab reduce overall costs.

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Quality & Service Improvement

Improve your laboratory’s overall quality- including accuracy, efficiency, and timeliness of lab results.

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Drive growth through increased lab capacity and physician outreach efforts

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Set a plan that resolves your most difficult laboratory challenges and helps you see your lab more strategically.

Laboratory Consulting Services

Is your Lab or Practice Billing Efficiently?

Not sure if you’re billing correctly? Not collecting as much as you think you should? We can help you understand these areas to ensure you are billing compliantly and capturing the maximum amount of revenue.

Laboratory Consulting Services

Operational, Billing, and Sales Metrics

We have developed hundreds of operational reporting metrics for dozens of laboratories and practices. These metrics are tried and give you a true dashboard of your business's day-to-day performance.


Fee Schedule Development

Do you have a formal fee schedule? When was the last time it was updated? Do you know the right fees to charge for global, TC and PC billing? Do you have a patient bill fee schedule? We can help you develop or revise these to be appropriate for the current reimbursement environment.

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Client or Office Billing

Are you doing client billing? Do you know if these relationships are profitable for your lab? Are you sure your client bill arrangements meet regulatory requirements? We have significant experience in this area and will help you understand where you are with these or if you should consider adding this as a growth area.

Strategic Consulting for Pathology Practices

Strategic Consulting for Pathology Practices

With the changing landscape in laboratory reimbursement, are you wondering what you should do next? Are TC/PC deals worth pursuing? Should you be expanding? We have worked with many Pathology Practices and have an experienced team that can look at your individual situation, offer creative ideas and help you develop well-articulated Strategic Plans.

Compliance and Safety

Compliance and Safety

Our consultants have many years’ experience and expertise in the following areas: Hazardous Waste (Chemical Waste), Biological Waste (Medical Waste), Hazardous Materials, Fire Safety, Ventilation Safety Compliance, and Training.

Laboratory Consulting Services

Thinking of Leaving the Industry or Joining It?

If you’re an older pathologist and thinking of retiring, have you thought of not only selling your practice but also making it an annuity, in a sense? Even if you work for a large pathology company and have your own book of business, there’s a way you can potentially create a contractual plan that will continue your income even after you retire. If you’re a new pathologist trying to decide if you want to join a large corporate lab, a small pathology group, or just start your own practice, we can help you make an informed decision! Depending on what you decide, we may be able to help you find a home and begin your new career.

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