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Global reach with a local presence. Ron Hankins

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Ron Hankins is a veteran business owner and partner of several local central Florida businesses within the medical service and supply industry. As CEO of CarePath Diagnostics and Biosafe Supplies, Ron noticed that as the business grew so did its medical waste. Unfortunately, the cost to dispose of this waste continued to increase causing Ron to re-think the use of the common incineration methods. It became clear to him that it was time to find a better option to dispose of medical waste. Ron began to research modern technological advances that might offer both economically and environmentally friendlier options. After a long and thorough research process Ron connected with Dr. Murray Lappe, a specialist in medical device development and inventor of eScreen Instant Drug Screening System, hoping to incorporate Dr. Lappe’s patented technology in disposal of medical waste into a full service medical waste disposal center. This technology is proven cost effective and eco-friendly. As a result of both men having a vision for a better and cleaner tomorrow, Steri-Green was born.

Steri-Green offers a unique, cost effective alternative to typical medical waste disposal. Most importantly, no incineration or autoclave is used in this process making it environmentally sound with a carbon footprint near to zero. Steri-Green is the first of its kind single source provider, located in Orlando FL, to offer this medical waste disposal service.

Go Green, with Steri-Green.

Our Mission Statement

Steri-Green Medical Waste Disposal is reshaping the way in which regulated medical waste is disposed of with our innovative chemical treatment process. Steri-Green’s goal is to exceed all expectations for quality, cost and environmental stewardship. We strive to live by the laws of Ecology which state that everything is connected to everything else, everything must go somewhere, and nature knows best. At the end there is no such thing as a free pass thus Steri-Green is committed to doing our part in sustaining our environment along with exceeding our clients’ needs and offering great value with superb service.

Values, Mission and Vision
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