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Hankins Consulting has designed and managed the build out of many Pathology Laboratories over the years from as small as 3,000 square feet to 98,000 square feet laboratories.


Taking The First Step

The first step is to gain clarity of all the important aspects that are key to our client's individual needs and success. An experienced team member will answer all questions and outline the entire process step by step. To set up an initial consultation please email info@hankinsconsult.com or call (407) 442-1444

Lab Design

Hankins Consulting takes great pride in designing custom-built pathology laboratories for clients that include custom modular furniture, equipment, staffing, and services to maximize efficiency and productivity. Our labs are built taking into account our client's allocated space, budget, specimen testing type, current specimen volume, and future projected volume. Each lab is tailored to produce optimal workflow, and in compliance with all Federal, State and Local regulations.

Lab Setup

Our expert team will source and install the highest quality modular furniture, lab equipment, and medical supplies. Along with recruiting all required staff, our team will ensure all equipment is installed and verified for use, and thorough training is carried out with all technicians. We will also develop individualized SOP’s, policies, logs and regulatory signage for each lab, and a team member will be on-site to assist with the final inspection.

Lab Management

Once your new lab is up and running, we offer the use of our management services for a mutually agreed upon period to further safeguard against any unforeseen issues or complications. This is a very customized option hence we limit these services to only what is necessary for your needs and business model.

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